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  • Nancy Jane Williams

Please don't ghost your realtor.

I was "ghosted" by a potential buyer that was on Kauai supposedly to buy a condo during this visit. It's ok if a buyer decides not to work with me. It's ok if a buyer decides to work with another Realtor. But at minimum, please shoot me a text or email to let me know! Here's why/my story... I had talked with this buyer several times on the phone prior to arrival, traded several emails, and then spent a good deal of time setting up showings on condos during the very busy holiday season. Before we even met in person, I had already spent many hours helping this buyer.

Because of the nature of scheduling showings, and because the buyer wanted to see condos in different parts of the island, the showings were spread out over 3 days.

Day 1. I finally meet the buyer in person. We see several properties and then have lunch. To me, all appeared well. We ended lunch by confirming that we would meet at a property the next day in Poipu.

Day 2. We are schedule to see a condo in Poipu. I live in Princeville and buyer was staying in Poipu so we had agreed to meet at the condo. It is about a 80 minute drive for me depending on traffic. I drive to Poipu, arrive at the condo, and wait. I wait. I wait. I wait. The listing agent is there with me as well. The vacation renters have vacated the condo so we can show it. And we wait. I text, I call, I text. My buyer is a no show. A no show without any form of cancellation and no replies after the fact to let me know what happened. I spent 3+ hours round trip for nothing and wasted the listing agent's time as well.

Day 3. We are scheduled to meet again at 11 a.m.. I leave a message for my buyer. "Please let me know if you are planning to see these condos I've scheduled or not? If I don't hear from you by 10 a.m. I will cancel the showings". At 10 a.m. I text... nothing. So I cancel the showings. This takes my time, and also affects the listing agent's time and day as well. My day is shot as I had planned on these showings which now aren't happening. Still no return call or text from my buyer.

Now, I am seriously worried. Did something happen to my buyer? I mean surely the buyer would have at least sent a courtesy text? I can not fathom that they would just literally blow me off like that. With today's technology you can easily send a text or email without even having to talk to a person! But as I am truly worried, I call the buyer and leave a message. I say "I am now literally very worried about you. Can you at least leave me a message to let me know you're ok? You can text me that you've changed your mind, or perhaps you're working with another realtor? That's ok. Just text". And still nothing.

I log in to our database and check on the buyers account activity. And there it is. The buyer is alive. The buyer has been logging on to the MLS and looking at properties of the past 3 days. I am relieved the buyer is alive. But now, I'm angry that the buyer did not give me the courtesy of a text to let me know either he wasn't ready, changed his mind, or even that he was alive.

How much would it have cost this buyer to just have sent me a text at the end of Day 1 saying "Sorry, it's a no go" (for whatever reason)? Nothing. But it would have brought me peace of mind and saved me many wasted hours of my valuable time.

So the bottom line is... I was ghosted.

Here's the thing. I actually cared about the safety and well being of this buyer. I was worried that something had happened to the buyer. Also, my time is valuable. I make a living, not on an hourly wage, but by helping buyers find their dream Kauai home. The buyer doesn't pay me for my time. They don't pay me hourly. I get paid when they find their Kauai home, their offer is accepted, and escrow closes. I am paid by the seller.

So please... please... don't ghost your realtor. Even if you don't want to have talk face to face, please at least text.


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