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  • Nancy Jane Williams

Bringing Your Cat, Dog or other pets to Hawaii

The state of Hawaii is a rabies free state. In order to keep Hawaii rabies free, there are strict requirements that must be met in order to avoid the mandatory quarantine of your pet in Hawaii.

Here is the State of Hawaii "check list" for your reference.

It is essential that you plan enough time to complete the preparation process for Direct Release upon arrival in Hawaii. Depending on your pet’s vaccination status this process may take up to 4 months or more. (I always suggest planning on 6 months!)

Every dog or cat must meet the requirements listed all required documents must be submitted earlier than for Direct Airport Release (DAR) in Honolulu; 30 days or more before the intended date of arrival. A passing FAVN test (Step 4) is needed before requesting a NIIP.

For more help and information on Direct Release to Hawaii -- and to Kauai, please visit the Kauai North Shore Animal Clinic page.

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