Uber is now on Kauai!

Uber is here!

The global riding sharing service has finally come to the Garden Island. Uber has been on Oahu and Maui for a few years and now compliments our transportation services like the Kauai Bus and other taxi companies. We are happy to welcome Uber and have (hopefully) an affordable and reliable transportation option. It also could provide new job/income opportunities for many on the island as well as an option for visitors who don't want to have to rent a car.

If operating out of the airports, Uber drivers are required to have a pre-arranged ground transportation permit.

Uber drivers must pass a background check and their vehicle must pass an inspection,

The base fair for an Uber ride on Kauai will be $2. The cost per mile is $1.50.

Riders see their quoted price when they enter the pickup and drop off points in the Uber app so they will know exactly how much they will pay before the trip even starts.


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