Hānau ‘ia ʻo Nāmāhoe Celebrate the Birth of Nāmāhoe

You're invited.... This Sunday, September 11th, Nāmāhoe – Kauaʻiʻs Polynesian Voyaging Canoe will be presented to Kauaʻi after years of hard laborious work by members of Na Kalai Waʻa o Kaua'i, countless community members, and students from near and far. This event will take place at Kalapaki Beach and the Marriott Kauaʻi Walkway.

“Nāmāhoe” is the Hawaiian word meaning “the twins,” signifying the twin hulls of the waʻa. Nāmāhoe in the night sky is comparable to the Phoenician and Greek twin constellation, Gemini.

Nāmāhoe is a Polynesian designed double-hulled voyaging canoe and is being built in Nāwiliwili using modern materials (fiberglass, resin, synthetic fibers, etc). Nāmāhoe will create opportunities for Kauaʻi’s youth to experience a first-hand connection with the people who sailed to and settled the Hawaiian Islands.

With a legacy of ocean exploration as its foundation, the Namahoe is committed to undertake voyages of discovery (Holokai); to respect, learn from, and perpetuate through practice our heritage and culture (‘Ike); and to promote learning which integrates voyaging experiences and values into quality education (Ho‘ona‘auao).

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