Please watch my videos to learn more about questions that you might have about buying real estate, homes, condos, vacation rentals or about moving to Kauai.  


These videos are for informational purposes only and are not meant to be legal advice.  You should always conduct your own research / verify all information for your own real estate transactions with the county, an attorney, and your realtor, where applicable. 

HOA fees on Kauai, Hawaii

Are HOA fees really that high?

Nancy Williams, a realtor with Reside Kauai, talks about why HOA fees are so high on Kauai… But are they really? Not when you break them down. Nancy explains,,,

Buying a home or condo for vacation rental on Kauai

What you need to know about TVRs, VDAs and buying/owning a vacation rental on Kauai.  Watch my video to learn more!

Owning land in Hawaii / Kauai - 99 years?

Many people have the idea that you can only own land in Hawaii for 99 years.  This is simply not true.  Please watch my video to learn more!

Bringing your dog or cat to Hawaii / Kauai

Hawaii is rabies free.  However, you no longer need to quarantine your beloved fur friend in Hawaii.  ff you follow the pre-arrival procedures for insuring your pet is rabies free, you can take your pet to your new home the same day you arrive!  Watch my video to learn more!

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