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Buying A Vacation Rental on Kauai

Owning a vacation rental can help you realize your dream of Kauai ownership. Taking the steps to purchasing a condo or home on Kauai can seem financially daunting – but the beauty and benefits of vacation renting your home or condo is that the rental revenues can help support or subsidize your condo or home purchase. In some instances, it could possibly even create a positive cash flow. 


I specialize in helping buyers, primarily from the mainland and Canada, purchase homes and condos on Kauai.  Most of my buyers purchase something on Kauai that they can use both for their personal enjoyment and also as a vacation rental to generate cash flow.


Whether you’re ready to buy now or a few years from now, I can provide you with the basic knowledge you need going forward as you search for your Kauai home or condo.  Yes, you can fully own a home or condo (including ocean front!) on Kauai.  No, you can't buy just any home or condo as a vacation rental. As your real estate / vacation rental expert, I will share information with you to help you make your buying decisions, such as:

  • Why a vacation rental? 

  • Where you can legally rent a condo or home as a vacation rental on Kauai.

  • What are occupancy rates?  Does view matter?

  • What is a TVR?  What is a VDA?

  • What is a Fee Simple (FS)?  What is a Leasehold (LH)

  • Why condo HOAs are “so high”.

  • GET / TAT

  • Information on financing / down payment.

  • Vacation rental management options and what they cost. (Management company? Self manage?)

  • Vacation Rental Property taxes

  • Cash Flow:  What your vacation rental cash flow and revenue might look like.

Ask me about my next vacation rental webinar!  Call me at 8oh8, 346-7173  or, CLICK HERE for an easy way to schedule an appointment to talk with me.