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Nancy Jane Williams

Nancy Jane Williams Find Your Kauai Home Kauai Real Estate Broker
Nancy Jane Williams Find Your Kauai Home Kauai Real Estate Broker Outrigger Canoe

Nancy Jane Williams, Real Estate Broker

Making Your Kauai Dream a Reality

I am proud to share that I am now a Realtor Broker and happy to be a Reside Kauai Broker in Charge. 

They say a good real estate agent is equal parts marketing expert, negotiator and magician. As a Realtor Broker with years of experience in Kauai real estate, I am here to help you navigate the Kauai market. Whether buying or selling, I will evaluate scenarios with you to help you put that best foot forward.  By working with me, my buyers and sellers have had easy and successful real estate transactions. It is important to me to always bring my top game and skills to working with all my clients. 


In addition to helping clients on Kauai buy and sell their homes, I specialize in helping buyers from the mainland (and all over the world) buy homes, condos, land and other property on Kauai. My passion for the island and my common sense, results focused approach to real estate, make me uniquely qualified to help both buyers and sellers navigate through the exciting (and at times challenging) real estate process.


I first visited Kauai in 1992 and knew from that very first visit that I would live on Kauai.  Over the next 20 years I returned to Kauai again and again, until finally (and happily!) I moved to Kauai in 2012.

After successfully launching the first on-line honeymoon registry company, in 1996, and successfully pioneering this new industry for 12 years I sold my company and spent the next 7 years in Business Development for a technology company.   My experience running my own company, and selling technology and servicing my clients in the hospitality industry, instilled in me a deep since of responsibility for my clients.  I apply these business skills in my real estate career.

In addition, my entrepreneurial spirit, outgoing personality and my passion for the island of Kauai make me a great advocate and resource for those looking to move to Kauai, as well as for those already living on Kauai but looking for a new home. 

I am a photographer, a SCUBA Dive Master, avid hiker, a competitive outrigger canoe paddler for the Hanalei Canoe Club, gardener and aspiring surfer.   These passions and activities give me a great appreciation for all that Kauai has to offer.

Living on Kauai is my dream come true.  I am excited to share my passion for Kauai, my insights, and my knowledge of Kauai with my clients.

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